The Administrator deals with a variety of issues related to land use, development, zoning and subdivision which are controlled by R.M. bylaws including a Development Plan and Zoning Bylaw. Click here to view the R.M. of Meadow Lake OCP and New Zoning


Are You Planning to Build?

The first step in your project planning should be to contact the Administrator at the RM of Meadow Lake. We can help you determine how your property is zoned, the types of buildings the zoning permits, and the required building setback distances from roads and property lines.

When is a permit necessary?

The Zoning Bylaw provides for permitted and discretionary forms of development in each zoning district. Every person is required to obtain a development permit before commencing any construction or use of land except as provided within the bylaw.

A building permit is separate from a development permit. A development permit acknowledges the use of land and buildings and its compliance with the Official Community Plan and Zoning Bylaw. A building permit refers to building construction and compliance with the National Building Code of Canada and is governed by the Municipal Building Bylaw.

Application for Development Permit

Please contact the RM office for additional requirements for buildings you propose to move onto or off of your property. Building inspection services are provided by Construction Code Authority (Class 3 Licenced Building Official) and Lee Bacon

Building Inspections (Class 1 Licenced Building Official) An Inspection Schedule will be provided with your Building Permit.

The following information sheets will be helpful when applying for a building permit:

Information Required when applying for a Building Permit

Subdividing Land

Government Relations (GR), a provincial agency is the approving authority for subdividing land. The Administrator reviews subdivision applications, which must include a Plan prepared by a Saskatchewan Land Surveyor, for bylaw and policy compliance; if the application complies with all requirements, Council can recommend to Government Relations that it be approved.

For more information please  click here for the Subdivision Application form.