Public Works team members are committed to the provision of a high level of timely service and are called upon on a daily basis to respond to this commitment. Whether it be snowplowing of roads in freezing temperatures and high wind conditions, thawing of culverts, road construction, gravelling programs, sign repair/maintenance, or meeting the requests of residents in emergency situations. Team members are always willing to give their best at any time of the day or night, as required, to ensure the safety of the residents of the Rural Municipality of Meadow Lake and others traveling within our boundaries.

The R.M. of Meadow Lake Public Works staff normally consists of twenty employees from May 22 to October 31 and Five employees for the remaining winter months. Weather conditions significantly influence staff numbers during the winter months.

Equipment & Shops

The public works department operates from four shops as follows:

Main Shop  702  3rd Avenue East, Meadow Lake, Sask

*The speed limit on all Municipal roads is 80 km/hr unless otherwise posted.

Gravel Pit Opperations / Gravel Crushing

The Rural Municipality of Meadow Lake leases 4 gravel pits located within the municipality. Each year the Municipality crushes an average of 25,000 to 35,000 cubic yards of road surfacing gravel as required.

Road Gravelling Program

The R.M. has three gravel truck and trailer units within its fleet to perform road gravelling. An average of 180 miles of road is graveled each year. Regular gravelling requires approximately 200 cubic yards of gravel per mile however, this will vary from road to road. Re-gravelling is to be undertaken in each year on the basis of priorities with consideration to the road classification and the existing gravel condition of the road relative to the amount and type of traffic.

The R.M. of Meadow Lake owns and manages a fleet of approximately 36 pieces of equipment including grading, heavy construction, heavy trucks and trailers, tractors, mowers, light duty trucks and supplement equipment.

Road Signs

Residents are reminded that not all intersections within the RM of Meadow Lake will be signed so please adhere to the rules of the road when approaching these intersections.

The R.M. replaces signs and posts annually due to theft and vandalism. Please notify the Municipal office if you are aware of any damaged or missing signs at 236-5651 or email This email address is being protected from spam bots.

Township Range Road Signs

The R.M. established a road direction system incorporating the existing township and range reference points. Range Roads are north to south and Township Roads are east to west. In most cases the Range Roads are one mile apart while the Township Roads are two miles apart. The numbers on the Range Road/Township signs indicate:

  1. The Township or Range and;
  2. The mile within the Township or Range and;
  3. The Meridian

The miles are counted starting from the south east boundary of the Municipality moving west with Ranges and north with Townships. "TWP 352" refers to the 2 nd mile in Township 35. "RGE 3044" refers to the fourth mile in Range 4 of the Third Meridian. Each Township is six by six miles; the miles are numbered from "0" to "5", and then back to "0" again.

All Municipal roads are restricted to Saskatchewan Highways & Transportation secondary weights unless otherwise posted.

The Municipality abides by the restrictions set out by Saskatchewan Highways & Transportation in relation to spring weight restrictions.