The Rural Municipality of Meadow Lake Public Works Department is responsible for maintenance along approximately 600 miles of gravel surface and 8 miles of oil surfaced road through the R.M.

The Public Works Department is responsible for all duties associated with road construction, surfacing and maintenance. This includes new construction and upgrading, road grading, gravel production (includes exploration development) and hauling, asphalt maintenance, road allowance mowing, and sign maintenance.The Municipality is divided into four zones with one grader and an operator assigned to perform road maintenance in each zone.

Custom Work

Custom work services offered to residents of the Municipality include driveway construction, grading andsnow removal. The Municipality also performs road construction through road service agreements commonly associated with new subdivision development. Custom work is normally scheduled while the equipment is in the area and completed as time permits.


Driveway Grading - as per rates under Policy #GG-006 – Rates and Charges
Driveway Mowing - as per rates under Policy #GG-006 – Rates and Charges

Registration for snow removal custom work requires a signed Snow Removal Agreement be submitted to the office prior to the start of each winter. An orange or red flag placed in a visible location at the end of the driveway will signal the operator of your request for snow removal. In the event of a heavy snowfall the main roads will be cleared first. A call to the Municipal office is only necessary if your driveway is adjacent a provincial highway.

When clearing your driveway residents are encouraged to push snow into the ditch bottom. Snow ridges and piles left to freeze create hazardous situations for traffic and snow plow equipment.

Safe Winter Driving Tip

Reduced visibility from snow and small stones and ice may be thrown from snow plow equipment and sanding trucks therefore caution is advised when following too close or passing.

Reduce your speed on ice or snow, especially when approaching intersections. Stay 15 metres behind the car or truck in front of you.

Remember, Orange Zone speed limit restriction of 60 km/hr applies to construction zones on Municipal roads.

Road Construction

Municipal Council approves the 'Local Road Construction Priority List' annually. The needs of all areas of the Municipality shall be given equal consideration when construction programs are established. Programs are to be established by priorities based on consideration of the greatest need, the most benefit, alternative roads available, and the condition of the existing road relative to the amount and type of traffic.

The R.M. makes every effort to apply for grants which may be available from other levels of government for road construction projects.