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Meadow Lake is located south of the beautiful Meadow Lake Provincial Park in the northwestern arable portion of Saskatchewan. The Municipality spans approximately 60 miles east to west and 70 miles north to south. Our Southern boundary is located just north of "Moose Country" on Highway #4 and extends to the Meadow Lake Provincial Park.

The RM #588 prides itself in several industrial sites such as the Meadow Lake OSB Mill, NorSask Forest Products, the Meadow Lake Mechanical Pulp mill as well as numerous small businesses including farming and ranching.

We hope you will find information you need about our bylaws, building permit information, council meeting minutes, custom work forms and so much more.

This site is just another way to provide service to residents, businesses and visitors of the R.M. of Meadow Lake. Perhaps you would like to see something included on our site. Feel free to contact us at the Contact section.

Mission Statement

The mission of the RM of Meadow Lake is to maintain and enhance the economic, cultural and social wellbeing of our ratepayers. We strive to accomplish our mission by providing services to the public which cannot feasibly be achieved individually for the benefit of the public as a whole.

Map of the R.M.


Public Notices

We are back open to the public. Please note as of January 1, 2021 any outstanding taxes now have a penalty of 0.75%. Options to pay: Cash, cheques, EFT's, E-Transfer (NEW), debit and credit cards. Please note that credit cards have an additional 2 percent processing fee attached. For additional information on how to pay taxes refer to "Pay Taxes/Invoices" under the How To tab on the top navigation bar.  


The RM is looking for Contractors who would like to be pre-qualified for any up coming jobs like graveling, mowing, culvert installation, etc. If you are interested click on the links below for More information and application.


Prequalified Contractor's Application 

Prequalified Bidder's Form 


The RM of Meadow Lake has a Grading Tender out. If you are interested please click on the links below for more information.

Grading Tender Application 

Grading Tender Form



  • Harvey Harriott – 249 votes – declared elected
  • Timothy McKay – 209 votes
Division 1 – Councillor
  • Dale Sheppard – 64 Votes – declared elected
  • George Million – 38 votes
Division 3 – Councillor
  • Ashley Russell – 45 votes – declared elected
  • Alan Danilkewich – 25 votes
  • Brian R Smith – 19 votes
Division 5 – Councillor
  • Blair Mysko – 58 votes – declared elected
  • Joel Eaton – 57 votes


 We have elections! Click on the links below to see the notices and come make your voice be heard, every vote counts!

Division 1 - Nominations: Dale Sheppard, George Million

Disision 3 - Nominations: Alan Danilkewich,  Brian Smith and Ashley Russell

Division 5 - Nominations: Blair Mysko,  Joel Eaton

Reeve - Nominations: Timothy McKay, Harvey Harriott

Notice of Advanced Poll - October 30,2020

Notice of Poll - November 9, 2020

2020 Regular Poll (Election Day) - 9 AM - 8 PM 

Councillor of Divisions 1 & 3 - RM Office

Reeve (Divisions 1,2,3, & 4) - RM Office

Councilor of Division 5 - Rapid View Rec. Centre

Reeve (Division 5) - Rapid View Centre

Reeve (Division 6) - Dorintosh Senior Centre

Election results will be posted on November 10th.

For further information on the election process please refer to the Vote tab found under our How To link.



Want your tax notice emailed to you?

If you fill out and return the consent form below, the RM can send you your tax notice, assessments, AND receipts digitally from that point on. You can withdraw at any time.

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