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Meadow Lake is located south of the beautiful Meadow Lake Provincial Park in the northwestern arable portion of Saskatchewan. The Municipality spans approximately 60 miles east to west and 70 miles north to south. Our Southern boundary is located just north of "Moose Country" on Highway #4 and extends to the Meadow Lake Provincial Park.

The RM #588 prides itself in several industrial sites such as the Meadow Lake OSB Mill, NorSask Forest Products, the Meadow Lake Mechanical Pulp mill as well as numerous small businesses including farming and ranching.

We hope you will find information you need about our bylaws, building permit information, council meeting minutes, custom work forms and so much more.

This site is just another way to provide service to residents, businesses and visitors of the R.M. of Meadow Lake. Perhaps you would like to see something included on our site. Feel free to contact us at the Contact section.

Mission Statement

The mission of the RM of Meadow Lake is to maintain and enhance the economic, cultural and social wellbeing of our ratepayers. We strive to accomplish our mission by providing services to the public which cannot feasibly be achieved individually for the benefit of the public as a whole.

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Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 9am - 4:30 pm, open through lunch.

Public Notices


Public Notice

Fire ban in effect


RM Office will be closed

Monday, May 23


Please Note: Appointments with the C.A.O. are available via a pre-arranged appointment.


Public Notice

The RM of Meadow Lake is thankful for every logo submission. We are impressed and happy with the submissions received. A winning logo has been decided and a compliance review is currently being conducted. Once this is completed, the winner will be contacted. Thank you to everyone for your submissions.


RM of Meadow Lake No 588 Assessment Roll Notices


The Municipalities Act 

Section 217(1)


Notice is hereby given that the assessment roll for the RM of Meadow Lake #588 for 2022 has been prepared and is open to inspection at the office of the Assessor of the municipality, until the time for lodging appeals has expired, from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm CST, Monday to Friday inclusive, except Statutory holidays.


Any person who desires to object to the assessment of himself/herself or nay other person must, withing 30 days after the date of mailing of the notice, lodge his/her complaint in writing with:


Secretary of the Board of Revisions 

Western Municipal Consulting 

Box 149, Meota, SK, S0M 1X0


Dated at Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan, April 25, 2022


Joel Cardinal, Assessor 

RM of Meadow Lake No. 588 

203 Hwy 4 NW, Box 668, Meadow Lake, SK S9X 1Y5


Minsterial Order - Spring Seasonal Weight Restrictions 


Please note that as per the Season Spring Weight Restriction (Road Bans) are currently in effect as per the Ministerial Order for the R.M. of Meadow Lake. Any travelling on R.M. roadways not compliant with the order is subject to the application for a special permit or exemption issued by the R.M.

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North West Community Lodge Update:

The North West Community Lodge construction is now targeting an opening date for late Spring 2022.


Due to the shipping delays and difficulties the construction industry is experiencing with material deliveries, the contractors ability to deliver the finish product has been impacted. The new timeline will allow the contractors to complete construction, cleaning of the entire building as well as delivery and installation of all furniture and equipment. From there training and orientation of staff will take place before we are able to move residents into the new Lodge.


The Saskatchewan Health Authority appreciates your patience as we work towards completion of the new North West Community Lodge.”


 Beaver Bounty Program

The RM of Meadow Lake is opening the Beaver Program up, please click on the link below to find out more information, or call the office at (306)236-5651. This program is open only to residents and landowners of the RM of Meadow LakePLEASE NOTE THE LICENCE NEEDS TO BE A VALID SOUTH SASKATCHEWAN LICENCE. 


2021-2022 Guidelines


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If you fill out and return the consent form below, the RM can send you your tax notice, assessments, AND receipts digitally from that point on. You can withdraw at any time.

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