Public Notices

Wanted: Emergency Measures Coordinator

The RM of Meadow Lake is looking for qualified applicants to fill the position of Emergency Measures Co-Ordinator for the RM. Applications are being received until March 13, 2020 at 3:00 p.m. A letter of qualifications must accompany your resume. This will be a contract position and the job requirements are viewable HERE.

For more information or to send your letter of application you may contact:
Gina Bernier, CAO
#203-Highway 4 Northwest
Box 668 Meadow Lake, Sask. S9X 1Y5
Email –
Phone – 306-236-5651 or 306-240-5270

Only suitable candidates will be contacted for an interview.

Wanted: Site Manager of the Northwest Regional Landfill

This Request for Bid (RFB) is an invitation by the Northwest Regional Waste Management Authority Inc. (NRWMA) to prospective Proponents to provide Submissions for the provision of Site Manager of the Northwest Regional Landfill, as further described in the RFB Particulars (Appendix A).

The Site Manager will be responsible for the day to day operation of a waste facility abiding to the Ministry of Environments regulations and the facility’s Permit to Operate at the Regional Landfill, located at Rapid View, Saskatchewan. 

Find more information at 

Competetion # RFB2020-001                Closes 2:00 pm  Feb 21, 2020 

Want your tax notice emailed to you?

If you fill out and return the consent form below, the RM can send you your tax notice, assessments, AND receipts digitally from that point on. You can withdraw at any time.

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Sask. Community Grant   

The Saskatchewan Lotteries Community Grant Program is a partnership among Sask Sport Inc., Sask Culture Inc., and the Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association Inc. The grant  program assists in the development of sport, culture and recreation programs by providing funds to non-profit community organizations operated by volunteers.

Sask. Lotteries Grant Application                                     Sask. Lotteries Grant Criteria