Paying your taxes or Invoices

Forms of Payment

To pay your taxes or invoices, you can come in to our office and pay by cash, cheque, or debit. Credit cards are 2% extra on top of the amount paid. We do not take payments over the phone. We accept cheques in the mail, but advise that you do not mail cash. If you are unable to come in to the office we do have the option of the BLACK DROP BOX found at the front of the office.

We can also be paid using online banking. To do so, you must add us as a Payee. Most banks already have our information and we can be found by searching for Meadow Lake #588, Meadow Lake (RM), or some variation thereof, depending on the bank. Be sure not to select the City by accident, and note that we have two accounts, one for Taxes and one for A/R.  The RM can now accept e-transfers.

To send an e-transfer please first send a separate email to: with your tax roll and the answer to your security question. This information is destroyed after we receive it. We ask for a separte email to help keep your account information secure. E-transfer is much quicker than the normal EFT but, keep in mind of your maximum amount that you can transfer (up to $3000.00) a day. If your taxes are higher than that amount you may need to send a couple of e-transfers different days.


Please note that payments are processed from the time they are received in our office, not from when they are sent. Banks may take several days to forward payments on to us, so it is important to leave a large enough window that you do not miss any due dates or deadlines. This applies to mail delivery as well. 


When prompted for an account number for Taxes, simply use the roll number for the property you wish to pay. If you find that your roll number is not long enough to reach the required seven digits, simply add more zero's to the end. For paying on multiple properties, you can use the same account number AS LONG AS all the properties are listed under the same owner number on your tax notice.  For multiple roll numbers under the same owner number please use the first roll number on the Tax Notice, we can find the rest of your properties from there. The roll number is found on the left hand side of the Tax Notice.

Accounts Receivable

If paying an Accounts Receivable invoice, you need to enter the account number listed on your invoice. This is most commonly three letters (the first three of your last name) and three numbers. This can be shortened by dropping the final number if it goes over the digit limit.