Enviromental Health and Welfare

EHW-001 Cemetery Registrations

Emergency Measures 

EM-001 Emergency Measures Policy

Fire Protection

FP-001 Fire Protection Services

FP-002 Burning Permits

General Government

GG-000 Mission Statement

GG-001 Comprehensive Policy Manual

GG-002 Policy Development and Approval

GG-003 Council Committees Terms of Reference

GG-004 General Procedures

GG-005 Chief Administrative Officer

GG-006 Rates and Charges

GG-007 Council Conflicts of Interest

GG-008 Sask. Agriculture and Lease Land Purchase

GG-009 Elections Policy

GG-010 Contracting and Contractors

GG-011 Definitions

GG-012 Tax Enforcement

GG-013 Purchasing Procedures

GG-014 Clubroot Management

Human Resources

HR-001 Vacation Policy

HR-002 Statutory Holidays

HR-003 Overtime, Hours of Work, and Pay Periods

HR-004 Sick Days

HR-005 Employee Hiring

Job Description for Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)

Job Description for Financial Officer

Job Description for Assistant Administrator

Job Description for Manager of Public Works

Job Description for Receptionist

Job Description for Shop Secretary

Job Description for Equipment Operator

Job Description for Gravel Lead Hand

Job Description for Construction Lead Hand

HR-006 Employee Supervision, Correction, Discipline, and Dismissal

HR-007 Respectful Workplace Harassment Policy

HR-008 Personal Information

HR-009 Retirement and Long Term Service

HR-011 Employee Allowances

HR-012 Gifting Policy

HR-013 Occupational Health and Saftey

HR-014 Drug and Alcohol

Planning and Development

PD-001 Development Permit Subdivision Costs

PD-002 Planning and Development Procedures

PD-003 Building Officals

Recreation and Culture

RC-001 Liquor Permit

Tangible Capital Asset

TCA-Tangible Capital Assets

Transportation Services

TS-001 Culverts Installation and Purchase

TS-002 Approaches

TS-003 Road Standards

TS-004 Bale Hauling and Security of Loads

TS-005 Bridge Building

TS-006 General Maintenance

TS-007 Overweight Permits and Heavy Haul Routes

TS-008 Road Development

TS-009 Pasture Road Access Repairing

TS-010 Rate of Reimbursement

TS-011 Fencing

TS-012 Dust Suppressant Application

TS-013 Road Construction

TS-014 Gravel

TS-016 Permitting Overweight Road Hauls

TS-017 Council Public Works Development Allocation