Enviromental Health and Welfare

EHW-001 Cemetery Registrations

Emergency Measures 

EM-001 Emergency Measures Policy

Fire Protection

FP-001 Fire Protection Services

FP-002 Burning Permits

General Government

GG-000 Mission Statement

GG-001 Comprehensive Policy Manual

GG-002 Policy Development and Approval

GG-003 Council Committees Terms of Reference

 Terms of Reference: Development Committee

Terms of Reference: Equipment Committee

Terms of Reference: Fire Board with City

Terms of Reference: Recreation Board

Terms of Reference: Recreation Board with City 

Terms of Reference: Mutual Aid Representatives 

Terms of Reference: North of Divide Community Association

Terms of Reference: Regional Waste Management Authority Executive 

GG-004 General Procedures

GG-005 Chief Administrative Officer

GG-006 Rates and Charges

GG-007 Council Conflicts of Interest

GG-008 Sask. Agriculture and Lease Land Purchase

GG-009 Elections Policy

GG-010 Contracting and Contractors

GG-011 Definitions

GG-012 Tax Enforcement

GG-013 Purchasing Procedures

GG-014 Clubroot Management

GG-015 Council Remuneration/Mileage and Convention

GG-016 Long Term Planning

GG-017 Account Payable Procedures

Human Resources

HR-001 Vacation Policy

HR-002 Statutory Holidays

HR-003 Overtime, Hours of Work, and Pay Periods

HR-004 Sick Days

HR-005 Employee Hiring

HR-006 Employee Supervision, Correction, Discipline, and Dismissal

HR-007 Respectful Workplace Harassment Policy

HR-008 Personal Information

HR-009 Retirement and Long Term Service

HR-011 Employee Allowances

HR-012 Gifting Policy

HR-013 Occupational Health and Saftey

HR-014 Drugs and Alcohol

Pest Control

PC-001 Clubroot Policy 

PC-002 Weed Management Policy

Planning and Development

PD-001 Development Permit Subdivision Costs

PD-002 Planning and Development Procedures

PD-003 Building Officals

Recreation and Culture

RC-001 Liquor Permit

Tangible Capital Asset

TCA-Tangible Capital Assets

Transportation Services

TS-001 Culverts Installation and Purchase

TS-002 Approaches

TS-003 Road Standards

TS-004 Bale Hauling and Security of Loads

TS-005 Bridge Building

TS-006 General Maintenance

TS-007 Overweight Permits and Heavy Haul Routes

TS-008 Road Development

TS-009 Pasture Road Access Repairing

TS-010 Rate of Reimbursement

TS-011 Fencing

TS-012 Dust Suppressant Application

TS-013 Road Construction

TS-014 Gravel

TS-016 Permitting Overweight Road Hauls

TS-017 Council Public Works Development Allocation